SelfLetClipse - An IDE for the SelfLet autonomic element



What is SelfLetClipse?

SelfLetClipse is an integrated development environment tailored to design SelfLet autonomic components. It provides an unified environment which allows the drawing of behaviors and the description of goals, action and policies.

A SelfLet is an autonomic computing element which can be used to create autonomic systems. SelfLets can be defined by specifying their goal, behaviors, services they need to use and/or provide, and autonomic policies guiding their self-management. The SelfLet architecture has been implemented in Java and offers programming abstractions suitable to implement an application-specific logic as well as autonomic policies.

SelfLetClipse provides wizard for the common operations like the creation of new SelfLets, behaviors and goals. It also provides, an error signaling mechanism to highlight erroneous configurations. The IDE is developed as an Eclipse Plug-in and incorporate the open source ArgoEclipse plug-in. The environment can also be enriched by installing the Drools policy editor. SelfLetClipse is still under development, and other features will be added in future.



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(Last Update 28/08/2009)